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TEKKEN 7 Season 2 Balance Changes & New Mechanic Showcase Video


TEKKEN 7 Season 2 launches September 6th, 2018 as a free patch and includes updates for all characters. This video runs through all 38 fighters in the game (not including Lei & Anna), showing some of these changes in motion. All characters now have specific moves to initiate a "Wall Bounce" - offering a new combo option against an opponent at the wall. Other move properties have changed enabling new follow-ups, and some characters are getting all new Rage Drives. As previously reported, all TEKKEN 7 newcomers will get brand new moves, transitions, or abilities (such as Lucky Chloe's instant turnaround). [UPDATE] 60fps / 1080p version of the video from TEKKEN Channel added below.

Bandai Namco's Michael Murray recently said on Twitter that the full patch notes for Season 2 will be posted "soon" on Steam and/or the TEKKEN World Tour page. Of course, we'll post them here too. Below is a summary of what's coming in Season 2!

TEKKEN 7 - Season 2 updates
  • New "Wall Bound" techniques added for every character.
  • New Rage Drives for some characters who previously had "weaker" Rage Drives (such as Heihachi, Steve, Miguel, Lili & Law).
  • Additional system and character balance changes for the entire roster, including updates to move properties.
  • Every newcomer introduced in TEKKEN 7 will receive new attacks!
  • Updates to Ranked Match system, including a new rank gauge showing your progress towards the next rank (which will NOT be visible to your opponents).
  • New "Simple Combo"' and "Assist" from TEKKEN 7 Story Mode will be added to other modes in the game.

*While TEKKEN 7's Season 2 game/system updates will be free to download, the Season 2 Pass (with all 6 characters) will be priced at 2800 yen in Japan. Pricing for other regions hasn't been officially announced (but expect around $25-$29 USD). Anna and Lei will also be available for purchase individually for 500 yen each ($4.99 USD).

Stay tuned on for continued TEKKEN 7 Season 2 coverage.

Sources:  TEKKENchannel
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