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TEKKEN Mobile Release Dates, Character Renders, Newcomer "Rodeo" Revealed in Latest Trailer


The new TEKKEN Mobile game for iOS/Android platforms is releasing worldwide beginning this month. The title officially comes to North America and Japan on March 1st, 2018. Bandai Namco released a new trailer debuting a newcomer to the series named Bo "Rodeo" Montana (who will join the game March 1st). In addition to the new trailer, check out high-res character renders for all new and returning characters appearing in the game. Also take a look at the global release schedule (below) to see when TEKKEN Mobile is available in your country.

Here's the global release schedule for TEKKEN Mobile

  • February 1st - Eastern Europe, Latin America, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa
  • February 15th - United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Russia, Switzerland, Benelux, Singapore
  • March 1st - United States, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan


bob-tekken-mobile-2017-render.jpg (128827 bytes)    bruce-irvin-tekken-mobile-2017-render.jpg (93264 bytes)    christie-monteiro-tekken-mobile-2017-render.jpg (118475 bytes)    ancient-ogre-tekken-mobile-2017-render.jpg (169010 bytes)    asuka-kazama-tekken-mobile-2017-render.jpg (72322 bytes)
dragunov-tekken-mobile-2017-render.jpg (82675 bytes)    jin-kazama-tekken-mobile-2017-render.jpg (102146 bytes)    craig-marduk-tekken-mobile-2017-render.jpg (133291 bytes)    katarina-alves-tekken-mobile-2017-render.jpg (111407 bytes)    feng-wei-tekken-mobile-2017-render.jpg (135206 bytes)
king-tekken-mobile-2017-render.jpg (120852 bytes)    lili-rochefort-tekken-mobile-2017-render.jpg (82779 bytes)    marshall-law-tekken-mobile-2017-render.jpg (113992 bytes)    leo-kliesen-tekken-mobile-2017-render.jpg (129179 bytes)    ling-xiaoyu-tekken-mobile-2017-render.jpg (96085 bytes)
nina-williams-tekken-mobile-2017-render.jpg (100077 bytes)    panda-tekken-mobile-2017-render.jpg (86241 bytes)    steve-fox-tekken-mobile-2017-render.jpg (106735 bytes)    paul-phoenix-tekken-mobile-2017-render.jpg (104525 bytes)
kazuya-mishima-tekken-mobile-render.png (936796 bytes)    shaheen-tekken-mobile-2017-render.jpg (120698 bytes)    tetsujin-tekken-mobile-2017-render.jpg (90863 bytes)    mokujin-tekken-mobile-2017-render.jpg (120741 bytes)


rodeo.jpg (86140 bytes)    rodeo-tekken-mobile-blue.jpg (82797 bytes)    rodeo-tekken-mobile-brad-hawk-alt-costume.jpg (100626 bytes)    rodeo-tekken-mobile-football-alt-costume.jpg (136127 bytes)


gcorp-soldier.jpg (91569 bytes)    isaak.jpg (88321 bytes)    marksman-of-sirius.jpg (84319 bytes)    tekken-force-soldier.jpg (110220 bytes)

ruby.jpg (85230 bytes)    yue.jpg (82027 bytes)    tiger-miyagi.jpg (111596 bytes)    tekken-force-soldier2.jpg (103954 bytes)    revenant.jpg (131014 bytes)

Returning characters in TEKKEN Mobile have additional renders featuring them in alternate costumes (some brand new). [UPDATE] Head over to TFG's updated article featuring over 60 additional character renders and first impressions of the game!

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