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Final Fantasy XV's Noctis is TEKKEN 7's Next DLC Guest Character


Tonight at the TEKKEN World Tour Finals 2017 in San Francisco, Bandai Namco dropped a reveal trailer for the next guest character for TEKKEN 7. The main protagonist of Final Fantasy XV, Noctis Lucis Caelum, will be crossing his swords with the likes of Akuma, Geese Howard, and TEKKEN 7's roster in Spring 2018. Noctis will become playable in TEKKEN 7 "DLC3" which is included in the the first Season Pass. Check out Noctis's reveal trailer below! [UPDATE #2] 10 screenshots of Noctis, the new Hammerhead stage, and Noctis's official TEKKEN 7 render were added to the article.

[UPDATE #1] Producer Harada and Michael Murray made a few other interesting announcements at TWT 2017 regarding TEKKEN 7. Harada stated that Geese Howard is almost finalized and will be released "soon" as the first official DLC guest character. He also mentioned input lag in the console versions will be further reduced for an improved gameplay experience and particularly said "so all the (TEKKEN) tournaments next year should have less lag."

They plan to release this input lag fix "within the year" and are in talks with Epic Games - who are updating their Unreal Engine 4 to alleviate lag on the engine side. Furthermore, Harada mentioned that instant rematches in online Player Matches will be added to TEKKEN 7 in the near future. No exact dates on these future updates were provided.












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Sources:  TEKKENChannel
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