Thursday, May 24th, 2018

Blade Strangers Character Gameplay Trailers for Lina, Emiko, Curly and Ali, Official Movelist & Controls


Last week, Nicalis released Blade Strangers character gameplay trailers for Liongate, Gunvolt, Noko, Kawase Umehara, and Helen. This week, we get to check out several additional character trailers, this time highlighting Lina, Emiko, Curly, and Ali. This article will be updated with additional trailers this week if Nicalis releases any new ones.


Additionally, here's an official image featuring a movelist (for 5 characters) and a look at the game controls & systems. We'll add movelists for other characters once available. This will also find a permanent home on TFG's profile for the game.


Stay tuned on for continued coverage of Blade Strangers.

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