Thursday, August 15th, 2019

Power Stone Producer Says He'd Love to Make New Installment, Would Be Great Fit for Nintendo Switch


In an interview with The Guardian, Capcom producer Takeshi Tezuka discussed his work on the development of Capcom's unorthodox but not forgotten "free roaming" 3D fighting series, Power Stone. After reminiscing about Power Stone's development arcades and Dreamcast back in 1999 with fellow Capcom designer Hideaki Itsuno, Tezuka stated, "I still get messages from fans about the game. People tweet requests to me to make another, which Id love to do. It would be a particularly great fit for the Nintendo Switch." Scroll down for new information about the early development of Power Stone along with some high quality concept artwork!

Official Power Stone 2 illustration by Bengus.

   The interview also sheds some new insight on Power Stone's development, as Capcom designer Hideaki Itsuno (Street Fighter Alpha, Rival Schools, Star Gladiator) also elaborated on the game's unique approach to the fighting genre.

"I was going to go with a modern-day setting to appeal to as many players as possible, Itsuno stated. "But modern-day technology lacks a certain flair - there's just no romance to it! So I went with the 19th century, before such technology became ubiquitous." Itsuno was influenced by Jackie Chan and Indiana Jones movies that hed watched when he was a child. It seemed to me to be the kind of positive setting anyone could feel excited about.

"The game started as a Street Fighter-style side-view fighting game where you would push the stick twice in a direction to move into or out of the screen," Tezuka
explained. "It was only halfway through development that it changed to an overhead view. I remember how great it felt once we'd got the game to a place where it seemed completely different from Street Fighter."

Power Stone - Japan stage Concept Art 

"Working on 3D fighting games taught me how to retain the satisfying gameplay of a 2D fighter while providing the freedom of moving in a 3D space, Itsuno said. But one of my aims with Power Stone was to bring my experience to something that would be well received by players other than just hardcore fighting fans. Fighting games had become incredibly niche, and ordinary gamers were no longer able to keep up.

"It all started with the idea of developing a game using a team that mixed arcade developers and console developers, Itsuno continued. "We wanted a project that could bring the strengths of both sides - the arcade guys were great at making fighting games and the console guys were expert at creating 3D games. We were trying to be unlike any existing fighting game."

Power Stone - London stage Concept Art 

   At the end of the interview, Tezuka expressed his interest in making a new installment.

"We weren't just aping current trends or reiterating what had come before, and that has contributed to its lasting appeal," Tezuka explained. "I still get messages from fans about the game. People tweet requests to me to make another Power Stone, which Id love to do if I got the chance. It would be a particularly great fit for the Nintendo Switch."

Power Stone 2 - Dreamcast Japanese Box Art 

   Read the full interview with the Capcom devs at The Guardian.
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Source:  The Guardian
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