Wan-Fu is a warrior king from China. He always observes to see if he could over-throw the current ruler. He heads to Japan to see if he can find warriors worthy to be his men. But not satisfied with anyone, he comes to back to China. The following year, he was told by one of his prophets that an egg existed. This egg, in exchange for one's soul, would allow the person to rule the world. Hearing this, Wan-Fu heads to Japan once more. It's unknown what happened to him. He uses a huge stone pillar as his weapon in Samurai Shodown 2, and in Samurai Shodown 1, he used the scimitar as his weapon.
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Samurai Shodown

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Samurai Shodown 2, Samurai Shodown 6, Samurai Shodown Sen

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Page Updated:  June 28th, 2018

Wan-Fu's original debut in Samurai Shodown was slightly boring... he was pretty much just labeled as "the fat guy with the scimitar". However, his redesign in SS2 turned out much better. In SS2, he fights with a huge stone slab of a weapon and packs a set of rock-hard abs... yes, Wan-Fu is a beast in SS2. Not only due to the way he looks, but his innovative, intense, and fun-to-use fighting style.

I didn't think Wan-Fu would ever make a comeback in the series after SS2, but lo & behold he returned in Samurai Shodown 6 (and Sen). However, his new weapon & moves are a bit uninspiring and he seems to have put back on the pot belly. What's with switching your weapons all the time Wan Fu??? Geez, make up your damn mind and stick to it!!! lol. I think any Samurai Shodown fan would agree that SS2 was easily Wan-Fu's best appearance. On a side note, his SS2 stage music was freakin' epic... that tune still gets stuck in my head.

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