A skateboarding genius, Picky mastered his craft to obtain the favors of his Jr. High school sweetheart, Catherine. However as the Nutcrack tournament gained popularity, he decided to become a Viper and put his skateboarding skills to use. He is the youngest of the Vipers.
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Fighting Vipers



Fighting Vipers 2, Fighters Megamix


Page Updated:  Sept. 4th, 2014

I'd say Picky was one of the most memorable characters to come out of the Fighting Vipers series, not only because of his odd name, but due to the fact that he fought with a skateboard on his back (only whack his opponents with it). He is also the first (and only?) "skater kid" of fighting games. He also helped teach the kiddies that it was "cool" to wear their helmets while skating! lol.

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