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Kim Wu


An eastern martial artist that is a descendant of the people who previously drove off Eyedol and Gargos. To protect her people, she seeks to destroy Gargos.
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Killer Instinct 2

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Killer Instinct GoldKiller Instinct (Season 3)

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Page Updated:  May 17th, 2016

It's cool that she fights with nunchakus and all, but Kim Wu's design is pretty damn generic, especially when compared some of the original Killer Instinct characters (many of whom were sadly missing in KI2). Kim Wu has a few cool moves I suppose, but her overall moveset and fighting style just lacks excitement. Something's also kinda "funny" about her face... like Maya, she has a slight case of man-face. 3D rendering was difficult in the 90'

Her redesign in KI Season 3 falls short in my opinion. There's too much going on with her default outfit, and it's just plain ugly. Her facial rendering, again, is just plain bad. Poor Kim Wu can't catch a break...

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