Kevin Rian


Kevin is a high-spirited police officer of Second South. He is also a friend to both Terry and Rock. He fights using Sambo (similar to his distant relative Blue Mary), although much of his fighting style revolves more around direct strikes than grappling. He is cheered on during fights by his friend's son Marky. In Garou, he seeks revenge for the death of his partner who was murdered by Freeman.


Garou: Mark of the Wolves


Card Fighters Clash 2


Page Updated:  Sept. 7th, 2014

He's got a very similar get-up to the likes of Ralf and Clark, although Kevin's moveset, appearance, and overall persona quite a bit different from the KOF veterans. Although, he does seem to borrow the exploding grenade fists of Ralf Jones... lol. Overall, he's kinda generic as a design but his personality makes up for it. He's probably my least favorite character in Garou though, mainly because he always kicks my ass when used by skilled players. lol.

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