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Deep beneath the Amazon, lay a kingdom of the 30,000 mermen. One fateful day, this peaceful aquatic empire was shattered and destroyed by a tremendous earthquake and volcanic activity. The merman emperor and hero Rikuo Aulbath, was alone. His empire destroyed, he was filled with rage and when he found out that Pyron was the one who caused the fall of his empire, he vowed to destroy him. But when he met another survivor, Keera Aqueria, he settled down with her to rebuild his empire. He and his wife moved out of the Amazon into the great ocean to raise their family. Currently, family consists of his wife Aqueria, his three sons and 12 soon to hatch eggs.

Rikuo and his family live in a crack, 150m deep. The current of the ocean doesn't make its way into the area and is a perfect location to protect their eggs from danger. His current self-imposed duty is to search for any other survivors of his kingdom. He searches in a radius of 200km for any other surviving mermen. However, close to his home lay a deep oceanic trench with a fast-moving ocean current. If Rikuo fell into the trench, even he couldn't swim against the strong current. The deepest he could search was 1000 meters. It was an endless search, but Rikuo believed that other mermen had survived.

Ever since he and his family had moved to this sea, although very faint, he had sensed the life of something similar to his own race. As each day passed, his search for his fellow merman increases in area and the time he spends with his family decreases. During one of his searches, one of his sons, Ricky (Alba in Japan), disappears. He ponders to himself about how one could defend a kingdom if he cannot protect his own family. Soundly believing that his son was sucked into the Majigen, Rikuo heads his way into Jedah's realm. But when the powers of Makai start to fade, the lost, dark sea of Sargasso was released from its century-long isolation and Rikuo found his son along with a new race of merman. The two families now help one another in order to rebuild the civilization of the sea.

Rikuo is loosely based off of The Creature From The Black Lagoon (they even share the same birthday). In Japan, he goes by Aulbath. His son's name is Alba in Japan, and Ricky in the west. Rikuo also appeared in his own Japanese cell phone game titled Aulbath's Wild River.
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Darkstalkers 2, Darkstalkers 3, Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower, Darkstalkers Resurrection, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash Ds

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Page Updated:  Nov. 15th, 2018

Ahh... this "swamp creature" actually has personality... one of the first of his kind, perhaps? Although a bit under-developed, Rikuo is pretty cool for his type of character/monster. I especially like the way Bengus draws him... (I like the way Bengus draws anything, so I guess that's not saying very much). lol.

In my opinion, Rikuo isn't as exciting as many of the other Darkstalkers characters, but he has a place in the series. He's visually interesting, but his animations & moveset could be more fleshed out. Like all of the other characters from Darkstalkers, he manages to fit in in his own way and balances out the colorful roster.

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