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Eiji Yamada, better known simply as "Edge," is a student at Gedo High School. He's a member of the school's notorious gang, lead by Daigo Kazama. Edge is known for being irresponsible and unfair. In battle, he always has his Army knives with him, earning him the moniker "Army Knife's Edge". He is somewhat vain... and doesn't like if his cloths get wrinkled. He also gets angry if anyone calls him by his real name.

In Rival Schools, Edge ends up joining a disguised Akira in order to locate Gedo High's gang leader, Daigo. Edge is initially suspicious of Akira, and eventually fights her alongside Gan. After the battle, he comes to accept her, especially after discovering her true gender. In his ending, he seemingly chooses to stop picking fights with other children, but changes his mind at the urging of several of his classmates.

In Project Justice, Edge (who surprisingly made it to the second year of high school) becomes suspicious when a returning Daigo has him and Gan performing various, irrational attacks against other schools. Through the help of Akira and her friends at Seijyun High, the Gedo students break Daigo out of his brainwashing. The Gedo High ending in the game reveals that Edge is named one of the leaders of the Gedo gang after Daigo leaves to train.
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Rival Schools

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Project Justice, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS

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Page Updated:  Oct. 2nd, 2014

Seems like the top fighting game franchises just aren't complete without a dude with long blonde hair that defies gravity! lol. And if you ever happened to wonder what you'd get if you crossed Benimaru and Yamazaki... Edge is your man. lol.

Even though his hair isn't completely original, Edge is a cool and clever design in the Rival Schools series. He adds a certain persona to the series that no other character has, and is somewhat of a "freak" design for the series. On a side note, I really like his "white" alternate outfit (seen in some of the artworks)... it should be selectable in the games! I suppose his white palette swap will have to do. 

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