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A man who previously worked under Bilstein with a robotic arm and a plasma sword - akin to a more European look. The spell that Bilstein cast on him wears off and the warrior regains his freewill. Much to his dismay, the damage has been done and is irreversible; his left arm is dependent on Bilstein's existence and he has killed far too many people. Sickened by the chip that controlled him, he heads to the tyrant's side. He walks on a path of mortal redemption, intending to kill Bilstein and himself for the sins that were committed. If he is the one to defeat Bilstein, the place where they fought begins to collapse and he will sacrifice himself to lessen the reactor's explosion.

Star Gladiator


Plasma Sword



Page Updated:  Nov. 10th, 2014

Blood is definitely a cool & original design at first glace... no doubt the artwork for him is badass. He has potential to be an even greater design, if only Capcom would take the time to develop him a bit more... I think he'd make a cool appearance in a future cross-over game. Him or Shaker, that is.

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