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SFV: Arcade Edition Crossover Costumes, Extra Battle, Costume Viewer & New Challenges Details


Capcom is keeping the renewed excitement for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition rolling by showing off new screenshots of the new "Crossover Costumes," which turn some of SFV's fighters into other Capcom legends, including: Captain Commando, June Milliam and Vewtiful Joe. Capcom also provided new details on Extra Battle Mode, Shadaloo Soldier Challengers, an in-game Costume Viewer, and more. Check out the new screenshots below, and continue reading for all the details straight from Capcom.




EXTRA BATTLE:  Every month, there will be at least one Crossover Costume up for grabs, which can only be obtained by playing Extra Battle mode with Fight Money. Here’s the flow of how to go about getting these exclusive costumes:

  • Each Crossover Costume requires you to complete four challenges that take place over the span of a month – one challenge per week.
  • Each time you attempt one of these challenges, you must spend 2,500 Fight Money, In other words, if you successfully complete each of the weekly challenges in one go, you can get that Extra Battle Costume for 10,000 FM!
  • Once you complete all four challenges, the Crossover Costume for that month is yours!
  • These challenges are time exclusive, so make sure to log in each week to complete them, especially if you have your eyes on that month’s Crossover Costume.

SHADALOO SOLDIER CHALLENGERS:  Extra Battle will also offer a way to obtain Fight Money so you have enough to attempt each week's challenges. Every few weeks, a Golden Shadaloo soldier will appear separately from the weekly Crossover Costume challenges, giving you an opportunity to earn a decent amount of Fight Money throughout 2018! Bust out your skills against these goons and replenish your Fight Money stash.

CHANGE IN WAYS TO EARN FIGHT MONEY:: Beginning January 16, modes that offered one-time finite batches of Fight Money will no longer do so. This includes Character Stories, the General Story (A Shadow Falls), Trials, Survival, and Demonstrations – if you haven't completed these modes yet, there's still a few weeks left to do so before the changes occur in January!

If you're a new player worried about getting enough Fight Money to get the Crossover Costumes, you still gain experience points from all modes except for the General Story. You receive Fight Money each time a character gains a level, and playing through each Character Story is a great way to quickly gain experience points for each character. Do this for all 28 characters and you'll be the proud owner of at least 200,000 Fight Money. Combine this amount with Fight Money earned through online battles and recurring Missions and you’ll have plenty to use for Extra Battle Mode, additional characters and costumes!

For anyone worried about your current balance of Fight Money and League Points, they will remain intact and will not be affected by these changes.

Also beginning on January 16, when you purchase a new character with real money or via the Character Pass, you will receive that character’s Battle Costume and additional colors 3-10 for their Standard and Battle Costumes. If you earn Fight Money, you can also obtain characters’ Story Costumes.
COSTUME PREVIEW:  Starting with Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, 3D previews of costumes will be displayed every time you select a costume from the shop. You can also use this to take a look at the various color options for that costume. In addition, there will be a costume sort feature for each character implemented into the store. You can now check and see what costumes are available for your favorite characters in one go.


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Source:  Capcom Unity
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