Monday, March 25th, 2019

Samurai Shodown PAX 2019 Screenshots & HD Character Renders


Take a closer look at some of Samurai Shodown's returning veterans in these HD character renders and new screenshots from PAX East 2019. Additionally, we have some brand new details about the upcoming title, including an updated release date window. The new Samurai Shodown releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in June 2019, while the PC and Nintendo Switch versions will arrive later in Q4 2019. The initial roster of 16 characters will include 13 veterans and 3 newcomers. Additional fighters will be added to the game via DLC character packs. Confirmed modes include: Battle, Online, Story, Dojo (featuring a new Ghost AI system), Practice, Database & Gallery.


nakoruru-samuraishodown2019-render-white.JPG (89287 bytes)       charlotte-samuraishodown2019-render-white.JPG (92562 bytes)       genjuro-samuraishodown2019-render-white.JPG (118360 bytes)       jubei-samuraishodown2019-render-white.JPG (100317 bytes)

haohmaru-samuraishodown2019-render-white.JPG (121965 bytes)       galford-samuraishodown2019-render-white.JPG (148361 bytes)       earthquake-samuraishodown2019-render-white.JPG (185637 bytes)

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Sources:  Gematsu
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