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Fighting EX Layer Meets Sales Expectations on PS4, Development Shifting to Steam & Arcade Version


It's easy for some gamers to forget that game developers are people. In this era, the long-term success of a fighting game depends on not only initial launch sales, but continued support by the community via Season Passes and DLC. Arika recently opened up about the success of Fighting EX Layer on Twitter and Facebook, stating the PlayStation 4 version met sales expectations (as they were able to release Vulcano Rosso & Pullum as free DLC characters), but was not a "jackpot" in terms of sales.

After teasing a possible 2018/2019 Steam release with up to 4k resolution in a short YouTube video, Arika clarified they are sticking to their original development plan and have begun working on a Steam version. However, since they did not offer a Season Pass or paid DLC characters, they don't currently have the funds to work on the Steam version and the newest planned update (potentially adding Terry Bogard and Sharon to the roster) for the game at the same time. Arika is also currently developing the arcade version.


After taking everything into consideration, Arika decided to prioritize working on the Steam version. The main reason for this is that the arcade board used by Taito runs the same OS as Steam. Arika has decided to develop this as Version 1.1.1 (the current PS4 version is 1.1.0). Nishitani-san stated that he wants to change some of the Gougi decks, which would lead to the Arcade and Steam versions being 1.1.1 while the PS4 version remains 1.1.0, meaning there would be a difference between platforms.

Arika acknowledged that this would upset PS4 players, so they decided to push themselves to update the PS4 version to 1.1.1 as well.  Currently, the Development Team is putting everything they have into releasing the same version over 3 different platforms. Arika stated "There may end up being some slight differences between the versions, but we ask for your understanding." In closing, Arika also said "please understand that the reality that the development of any potential updates or new content is based on the sales of these upcoming versions."

Sharon concept artwork for Fighting EX Layer

If fighting game fans want to see Terry Bogard, Sharon, or other future characters and content make it to Fighting EX Layer, they should consider purchasing the title on PS4 or Steam and supporting the game. On that note, this basic concept and mindset should be applied to all fighting games. If you want to see a fighting game survive, get more content, and/or be successful enough to have a sequel... buy the DLC or Season Pass. 

Arika openly admitted and apologized that they have limited resources and assets, being a small company. A gamer should respect this level of transparency on honesty.

Stay tuned on FightersGeneration.com for continued coverage of Fighting EX Layer.

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