Friday, August 18th, 2017

Android 18 & 16 Confirmed for Dragon Ball FighterZ Along with 6-Player Online Party Battle


The latest V Jump magazine has confirmed Android 18 and Android 16 as playable characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Android 17 also makes an appearance as an assist character in Android 18's super and special moves. It was also mentioned that the Androids will play a major role in the storyline. Additionally, "Super Saiyan Blue" Goku and Vegeta have been confirmed as separate playable characters. Finally, a 6-player Online Party Battle has been confirmed with 3 human players on each team.

Here's a look at the V Jump scan below and read on for more details!

Android 16 is described as a "power type" grappler who uses "strong grabs". SSB Goku specializes in aerial combos and mix-ups. We'll update this article once HD screenshots and/or more information becomes available.

The game's story mode is said to involve a revived Android 16 where "super warriors fall one by one." It's described as "a new story for Goku and friends depicted in high-end animation."

Registration for the early playable beta of DBFZ opens on August 22nd (more details on that soon) and the beta will be live September 16th-18th.

Stay tuned on for full coverage of Dragon Ball FighterZ. The game is planned for release in early 2018.


Sources:  ShoryukenGematsu
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