Wednesday, April 28th, 2021  

The Fighters Gen Podcast - Episode 3


Hi guys, TFG Webmaster here... I'm proud to announce a new episode of The Fighters Generation Podcast! Episode 3 is now available on Patreon. This episode is the first installment of my brand new series called "TEKKEN-OLOGY" beginning with a retrospective look back at the history behind the original trilogy of TEKKEN games. I share some of my earliest and fondest memories of playing TEKKEN in the 90's arcade days, along with reminiscing on the epic PS1 era of fighting games. In the podcast, I also mention some interesting trivia and fun facts about TEKKEN 1, TEKKEN 2, and TEKKEN 3. Episode 3 is approximately 26 minutes long. Join TFG's Patreon today and immediately gain access to Episodes 1 and 2, as well.

For 20+ years, I've worked on The Fighters Generation website to bring fighting game fans the latest news, articles, reviews, artwork, and other entertainment content such as videos and streams. It's been a lifelong dedication and passion of mine... it's a 24/7 job... and I deeply appreciate your support to help me keep it going. Thanks for your consideration and continued support throughout the years!


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In Episode 2 of the brand new monthly Fighters Gen Podcast, TFG Webmaster and long-time TEKKEN competitor Frank Joseph (AKA Mr. Yagami / FYagami) reveals "10 Tips" to Improve your TEKKEN skills... with an emphasis on "having fun" playing TEKKEN 7. Even though this is a TEKKEN-themed podcast, all 10 of these Tips & Tricks can also be applied to other fighting games!
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