Tuesday, March 30th, 2021  

The Fighters Gen Podcast - Episode 2


In Episode 2 of the brand new monthly Fighters Gen Podcast, TFG Webmaster and long-time TEKKEN competitor Frank Joseph (AKA Mr. Yagami / FYagami) reveals 10 Tips to Improve your TEKKEN skills... with an emphasis on "having fun" playing TEKKEN 7 while doing so. (The fun part is important, y'know!) Even though this is a TEKKEN-themed podcast through and through, all 10 of these Tips & Tricks can also be applied to other fighting games besides TEKKEN 7. By becoming a member on Patreon, you'll instantly unlock Episode 1 of the Podcast, as well. Episode 3 was released in April 2021.

For 20+ years, I've been consistent and dedicated to making The Fighters Generation one of the best places on the internet for fighting games. Please consider supporting me and the longevity of this website on Patreon. I've got some very special and unique content planned for TFG's Patreon here in 2021 and beyond! As always, I greatly appreciate all of you wonderful people around the world who visit The Fighters Generation website daily!


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Announcing The Fighters Gen Podcast - Ep. 1

TFG Webmaster here... I'm very excited to announce a brand new monthly podcast I'll be doing exclusively on TFG's newly opened Patreon. The Fighters Gen Podcast will feature my personal take on the latest fighting game news & talking points, Q&A / fan requests from Patrons, and a variety of other topics. In Episode 1, I talk about my backstory, my 30-year martial arts career, and the origins of The Fighters Generation.
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