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SoulCalibur VI Version 2.10 Full Patch Notes


Bandai Namco released the official English patch notes for SoulCalibur 6's latest update (2.10), which is now rolling out on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In addition to compatibility support for guest character Haohmaru and his stage, Gairyu Isle, version 2.10 adds new Weapons & Creation parts (several based on Samurai Shodown's Kuroko), a second new stage (Master Swordsman's Cave: Wicked Depths), battle adjustments, online mode improvements, mode / menu updates, and more! Read up on the official full version 2.10 patch notes in English, below. (This article will be updated with character-specific adjustments once they are available.)

SOULCALIBUR VI Update Ver. 2.10 Patch Notes

The following changes and improvements will be part of the Version 2.10 update available on 3/30 for the PS4®, Xbox One, and Steam® versions of the game. Please note that after updating the game, replay data for older versions will no longer be viewable due to adjustments made to battle mechanics.

Compatibility Support of the paid DLC 9 (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

DLC Pack 9 adds Haohmaru as a playable character.

Haohmaru will be available on 3/31.

Haohmaru is included in Season Pass 2. Please be careful not to purchase the same content more than once.

Compatibility Support of the paid DLC 10 (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

DLC Pack 10 adds Character Creation Set D.

Character Creation Set D will be available on 3/31.

Character Creation Set D is included in Season Pass 2. Please be careful not to purchase the same content more than once.

Additional Creation Items (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)
The following weapons and equipment will be added and available to all players.


  • Official's Flags (Short); only available for Taki and Taki's fighting style
  • Official's Flags (Long); only available for Cervantes and Cervantes's fighting style


  • Kuroko's Hood
  • Kuroko's Flags
  • Fish
  • Long Boots (Single Leg)
  • Long Boots

Additional Stages (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)
The following stage will be added and available to all players.

  • Master Swordsman's Cave: Wicked Depths

Battle Adjustments (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

  • Players can now use special inputs when entering Soul Charge to destroy equipment on original characters.
  • (See Battle System for more information on this mechanic).
  • Improvements have been made to the battle screen display.
  • Special displays have been added to the battle screen for character-specific actions.
  • Missions for Soul Attacks and Resist Impact have been added to Battle Tutorials in Libra of Soul.
  • They can be found in Drona's Dojo in Libra of Soul.
  • Performance fixes and balance adjustments have been made for certain actions in battle.
  • The "Fighting Style Handbook" in the MUSEUM has been updated to reflect various balance adjustments.
  • You can view more information here.

Additional Functions (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

  • Settings for the damage information display in Libra of Soul will now be remembered.
  • RANKED MATCH searches have been better optimized.
  • Sound effects have been added to the notification before ranked matches that may cause your rank to go up/down.
  • You can now set a room name for CASUAL MATCH.
  • You can now move the cursor at a higher speed in Character Creation mode by holding the button.
  • You can now keep/cancel a character's soul charged state under Position Reset Settings in TRAINING mode.
  • Improvements have been made to the downed state under Action Settings 2 in TRAINING mode.
  • Settings that have been saved in TRAINING mode will now be remembered.
  • A "random" feature has been added to Stage Music Settings in the OPTIONS menu.
  • Additional Functions for STEAM® (STEAM®)
  • NVIDIA Ansel can now be opened even when the game is paused.

Game System Adjustments (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

  • Some text errors have been fixed.
  • Stability has been improved for certain actions, etc.

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Source:  Bandai Namco
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