Pocket Bravery

In Pocket Bravery, a strange phenomenon happened in the world. But only a few people are able to feel and manifest it. There are those who throw energy through their hands, others reinforce their muscles, while certain specialists transfer their essence to objects and weapons. Nobody understands exactly what is happening and everyone tries to discover this mystery in their own way. In the middle of all this, Matilha, a criminal organization, wants to steal ancient artifacts and relics that involve several nations and notable individuals.
ABOUTPocket Bravery is an upcoming indie 2D pixel art fighting game developed by Brazilian game studio, Statera Studio. The game is planned for release in early 2023 and has been announced for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. The studio launched an Indiegogo campaign in May 2021 to kick off the game's development. A playable demo is currently available on the game's official Steam page.

Pocket Bravery character selection screen.

Pocket Bravery uses a 4-button layout, two for punches and two for kicks. The game features traditional fighting game directional inputs and has an option for simple controls, as well. Each character has an element that represents their strength, which can be physical or supernatural. You can accumulate up to 2 attacks on the elemental bar. Through this system, it is possible to execute elemental attacks that have different characteristics from the others and bring new offensive or defensive possibilities for the player. The overall gameplay is designed in an effort to attract experienced fighting game players, but also introduces features to teach newcomers to the genre.


smooth animation and hard-hitting combos!


In early September 2022, the developers announced a guest character from the Breakers series will be joining the Pocket Bravery roster and revealed the official gameplay trailer for Sho Kamui. Sho will even get his own beautifully-drawn stage featuring cameos from the original Breakers cast appearing in the background.


Pocket bravery has style!


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Page Updated: September 19th, 2023
Developer(s): Statera Studio
Platform(s): Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One
Release Date(s): August 31st, 2023      Steam
TBA 2023 / 2024
Characters Nuno Alves, Kimberly Moore, Sebastian Mcclane, Hadassa Silva, Aleksander Arshavin, Ekon Ndidi, Mingmei Wong, Daisuke Sato, Malika Sharma, Ximena Guadalupe, Sho Kamui, Hector Silva, Jorge Chagas, Rick Johnson, Brandon Carter, Son Ji-Sung, Camille Leclerc

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First Impression:

Pocket Bravery looks to be a charming and exciting indie 2D fighter with tons of heart and retro inspirations throughout. Not only is the game inspired by past 2D masterpieces from Capcom and SNK, the gameplay and animation appear to take certain inspirations even from more modern fighting games of the era like TEKKEN 7.

Pocket Bravery's
character design, combo system, and smooth animation style are equally impressive so far. Looking forward to reviewing this one in the near future!
~TFG Webmaster | @Fighters_Gen  

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