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Hailing from a mysterious background, Necalli utilizes a wild, animalistic fighting style to brutalize his opponents. He appears to dislike all humans, and is attracted by powerful fighters. He seeks to devour their souls either for sustenance or to appease his gods due to to being their "Emissary". He is especially attracted to Ryu's Satsui No Hadou stating in his winning quote that he must consume his "endless killing intent" meaning he must like devouring dark energy which would explain his ability to manipulate negative energy when enraged or transformed. He also seems quite sure of his power, his arrogance being reflected in his winning quotes that claim his opponents' attacks are pathetic or weak. Necalli has a visible stutter when speaking. Not much else is currently known about Necalli's official storyline yet, but his profession is described as being the 'Emissary of the Gods'. His moniker is 'The Soul Consuming Darkness'.
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Street Fighter V



Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition , Street Fighter V: Champion Edition


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Page Updated:  Mar. 13th, 2024

At first, I wasn't sure if I liked Necalli or not as a design... which is usually the opinion I start out with when it comes to new Street Fighter characters. A new SF character should be exciting, original, and have a playstyle that compliments the series or innovates in some way. After learning Necalli and his most advanced combos, I gotta say he's a fun character to use... and watch. He should have longer nails since he "scratches" so much, but I guess he just uses the strength of his fingers - Tiger Claw style? Heh heh. 

Call him "Super Saiyan Tarzan" if you will, and you'd be right. You might also say he's got some inspirations from the likes of Wolverine, Blanka, Kars... and perhaps even the almighty Gill himself... it's the all about that hair!!! I'm pretty sure the story will explain everything, because Necalli seems to be a prominent SFV character in that sense. I'll actually be very surprised if Necalli's storyline doesn't tie in with Gill.  I'll update my rating when I know more about his story, but so far... thumbs up! 

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