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The male protagonist of Granblue Fantasy, Gran is the male alter ego of the player ( Djeeta is the female protagonist). Although he usually does not talk, he had a voice over in the April Fools' event. Gran lived in Zanctiezel of the Farta Granda Air Region, with his trusted lizard-like friend Vryn, when he met a blue haired girl who changes his life forever. His goal is to someday reach Istarshia, where his father awaits him.

This hero's adventure began when he received a letter from his father asking him to come to the Island of the Astrals, Estalucia. Now he travels the skies with his flying lizard-like buddy, Vyrn, and the mysterious blue-haired girl who saved his life by linking it with her own, Lyria. Honest to a fault, he'll come to the aid of anyone who needs his assistance. Although his swordplay is rough and self-taught, he possesses the power to overcome any obstacle—thanks in no small part to Lyria's assistance.

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Page Updated:  Dec. 14th, 2019

Protagonists of both RPGs and fighting games always intrigue me. In most cases, they "set the pace" for the entire game. Gran is a clean and safe designs. He reminds me of many kind townsfolk (...who also have swords so watch out) whom I've run into in various JRPGs. Where have I seem him before? I can't place it.

His face reminds me of Link from Zelda, as plain as it is. Give'm a green elf hat and greet wardrobe customization and we Zelda. lol. There's something about his default attire that I like, and he's not "over-designed" which is a good thing. Possibly the post interesting thing about him are his many alternate versions / outfits. I don't know the whole story of Granblue, but some of Gran's alt. designs are pretty cool-looking. I wonder if any of them will make it to the fighting game? 

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