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In Granblue Fantasy, the main character is the silent protagonist and player character in Granblue Fantasy. Gran is male player avatar and Djeeta is the female player avatar. A young skyfarer takes the blue-haired girl's invitation to journey through the boundless skies toward that promised place. Although their path is fraught with peril, the connections they make along the way will surely lead them to the island of the Astrals.


Granblue Fantasy Versus



Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising


Page Updated:  July 26th, 2023

Female protagonist! <3 I didn't think anyone could ever give Athena Asamiya a run for her money in terms of outfit changes. Djeeta comes close. Like any ridiculously pretty gal, she looks good in anything she wears. If her swordplay is as good as her fashion sense, she should be a really likeable and interesting character in Granblue Fantasy Versus.

She even cosplays Chun-Li.... Yat yat yat yat yat! If that doesn't deserve her an "insta-like" from a fighting game fan, I'm not sure what does. I doubt she'll have any Chun-Li references in her GBVS fighting style, but ya never know!

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