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Kaya is one of the two daughters of the late-and-famed Seijuurou Mutsuki who was killed by Greed in a fierce battle. As a result, her father's dojo remained closed and Kaya was forced to attend a different school than her sister, Hikari. Kaya's personality is somewhat cold, stoic, and serious, while her sister is more positive-thinking and always surrounded with friends. Kaya's drive to inherit the Mutsuki-style martial arts seems to be stronger than her sister. Her special skill is performing 31 straight shots in close-range shooting (now prohibited after her grandfather found out).

After Kaya and her sister didn't achieve their goals in the prior tournament, a mysterious man named Hazama presents them initiations to the 6th tournament.
Her hobbies include reading and sewing.


The Rumble Fish

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The Rumble Fish 2


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