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A beautiful woman known only by her nickname "Garnet" (her real name is unknown). She is a playful woman and a hacker by profession, dealing in all sorts of info-gathering, legal or illegal. She is involved with an information broker business alongside her otaku-hacker-partner, Abel. While Garnet might look like a nurse, her sexy outfit is actually a battle suit designed by Abel that can withstand incoming attacks and even enhance her combat abilities. Garnet tends to be motivated by money and has a devilish attitude at times. However, she has accepted jobs from her clients out of sympathy, while also working under Abel. Aran frequently flirts with her and she puts up with it, although deep down she desires a lover.

She was somehow was able to acquire a mansion following the ending of the 5th F.F.S. tournament (either through winning or being a runner-up). However, Garnet realizes her lifestyle is not one for standard luxury as she immediately returned to her old occupation without a second thought. Later, Abel mysteriously disappeared, prompting Garnet and her new hacker partner, Cobol, to look for him and join the 6th F.F.S. tournament.

 Her favorite hobby is ballet, which makes sense since she mainly uses kicks in her fighting style. Her special skill is being able to tell when people are lying. She also enjoys sweets.


The Rumble Fish



The Rumble Fish 2


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