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A womanizer, Aran is an effective fighter at almost any range. He uses projectile attacks and close-range rushing attacks. He fights using boxing techniques as well as high-flying kicks.


The Rumble Fish


The Rumble Fish 2


Page Updated:  Jan. 25th, 2021

Aran looks a bit like Steve Fox and/or Shen Woo... and oddly enough, he shares similar aspects of their movesets, as well. Steve made a big splash in 2001 when he debuted in TEKKEN 4 as one of the best and most dynamic fighting game boxers of all time... so Aran appearing a few years later 2004 in Rumble Fish is a bit suspect. Aran is Steve Fox-inspired but also has some SNK flavors in his moveset. Some of his strings are similar to Kyo's, but he also has Steve's spinning low punch (3+4, d2) and Steve's low punch (down+2). ^_^ Like I said, Steve Fox inspired. As a Steve main myself, I found Aran's moveset interesting at least.

Unlike Steve, Aran has quite a few actual kicking techniques, including some high-flying acrobatic ones. Aran's anti-air kick seems a bit overpowered actually. Overall, he's got cool animations that define the cool vibe of The Rumble Fish series, but he's visually boring in some ways. Interestingly, Aran's hairstyle changes after he takes a lot of hits! A unique element that should happen in more fighting games.

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