He is a guard from a foreign kingdom who was washed ashore Japan with Suzuhime ten years before the game begins. Realizing that they may never see their home again and suffering under amnesia, he adopts the land's culture and trains himself in kendo with a respectable monk. One night, he was attacked from someone who hailed from his home country. Curious, he journeys away from his residence to investigate.

Claude regains his memories when he faces Golba. He learns that he was a hero who frequently rebelled against the villain in the past. After he learns Golba's plot, he takes it upon himself to defeat him. In his ending, he saves Suzuhime and decides to send her to her home in Lesphia. However, once he sees her loved ones calling out to her, he can't bring himself to say his wishes and leaves unnoticed. Several years later, he ascends the ranks of his temple as the head priest.


Samurai Shodown Sen




Page Updated:  June 18th, 2019

Arthur... is that you? C'mon SNK... Namco already did this design many years ago. lol. Claude is a pretty generic "American Samurai" design if I've ever seen one. Considering the vibrant history of the series, a character like this is definitely not what I'd expect for a new Samurai Shodown game. :( I really wonder what the artistic direction was behind this design... because it just seems like the designers were bored and uninspired, big-time.

Couldn't they have put some type of ornate designs on his armor... or hakama... or anything? Geeeez. He seems unfinished. 

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