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She is the princess of a foreign country, orphaned when her parents' ship was raided ten years ago. She washed ashore the beaches of Japan and was adopted by a daimyo who resides in Amori. One day, ten years later, she found Takechiyo along the shoreline to her home and nursed him back to health. After hearing that the ship he stowawayed on collided with a ship bearing a particular crest, Suzuhime runs away from home two months before the game begins in order to pursue Golba.

It is revealed in her story that it was Golba who killed her parents in the raid during her childhood. He reasons that he did it as a loyal member of the Lesphia kingdom as he wished to protect the country's military strength, something her father's reign of peace wouldn't allow. Her sword is a country treasure and he needs it to claim ownership of Lesphia. After she defeats Golba, she briefly wonders if she should return to her home country or her home in Japan. After Takechiyo joins her, Suzuhime decides to stay by his side as his support, hoping that he finds an answer to his life of swordplay.


Samurai Shodown Sen






Page Updated:  Apr. 19th, 2023

SNK chose Suzuhime as the main "new heroine" for Samurai Shodown Sen. At first glance, Suzuhime is a simple, safe, and mostly likeable character design who seems appropriate for the series. Her appearance and weapon style is catchy, and overall, Suzuhime is easily one of the more exciting newcomers of Samurai Shodown Sen. Her small stature contrasts her ridiculously large sword... which seems to be the general theme of her fighting style. She can move that sword surprisingly fast and she's got some pretty cool attacks & animations.

Too bad Samurai Shodown Sen was a pretty terrible game... so Suzuhime didn't have much of a chance to shine. That said, I'd say she deserves a proper comeback in a future Samurai Shodown installment.

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