Makoto Mizoguchi


Makoto Mizoguchi is a homeless vagabond who tries to perfect his fighting skills by trying to pick fights against random strangers, with out of dumb luck Mizoguchi ending up the victor. After winning at the last Great Grapple, Mizoguchi has been worn out these days, "tut, why do I have to go there?" Though he threw the invitation letter immediately, he soon changed his mind to let the "unknown" fighters know of his strength. Now he is joining new King of Fighters tournament for unknown reasons.


Fighters History

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Fighters History Dynamite, King of Fighters: Maximum Impact Regulation A



Page Updated:  Dec. 7th, 2017

Although Mizoguchi is notoriously one of the biggest rip-offs of Ryu, he does have a certain coolness to his character. While some of his priority moves are straight-up bootlegs of Ryu's, he's got some fairly decent attacks and comes off as a proper martial artist at least. His "tiger projectile" move was pretty cool looking for the time, also.

Even though I was never much of a Fighter's History fan, it was kinda cool to see Mizoguchi return in KOF: Maximum Impact Regulation A... He has some pretty funny moves in that game (especially his running animation). Also, his "Heihachi-style" second player (fundoshi) attire in Maximum Impact was entertaining as well... Mizoguchi isn't afraid to show his ass cheeks either! lol. Ohh, and what's up with that red skin alternate color? Does he think he's half-Gill or something? That crazy Falcoon.

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