With her excellent sense of fight, Yungmie has become the young queen in the Tai Kwando world. Since her parents had left for a mysterious fighting competition three years ago. Yungmie went for the journey to find them, then the invitation leeter was delivered.


Fighters History Dynamite

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Page Updated:  Aug. 3rd, 2020

That's a pretty cool Yuri Sakazaki cosplay, Yungmie. Ohh wait, you're not cosplaying Yuri? Ooook. Well, I guess Yungmie has some Chun-Li mixed in too. Like most characters from Fighters History, this chick mostly seems like a rip-off of other popular fighting game characters of the time. Fun Fact: I used to confuse her with Tia Langray. They pretty much look the same to me... but I think Tia is a better design overall.

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