Charlie Nash
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Charlie was Guile's superior officer in the United States Air Force and also taught Guile most of his trademark moves. A member of a "secret elite military team", Charlie co-piloted a special mission into Thailand along with Guile. However, their mission backfired and they were both captured. They managed to escape, but Charlie became convinced that the enemy had had inside information from someone within the U.S. military and was determined to get to the bottom of it, seeking whoever had been behind the incident in Thailand.
In Street Fighter Alpha 2, Charlie encounters Rolento, who wants to know what Charlie's intentions are. When Charlie mentions Shadaloo, Rolento decides to stop him. Charlie eventually tracks down Bison to Brazil and confronts him near a waterfall. After the battle, Charlie interrogates Bison. Before he could get a response, he is shot from the back by his intended backup helicopter and falls from the waterfall. Bison does not see him as a threat and does not bother to confirm whether he died.
In Street Fighter Alpha 3, his ending shows him surviving the final battle and destroying Shadaloo's secret base. In Guile's SFA3 storyline, he is ordered by his superiors to track Charlie, who has supposedly gone AWOL. In reality, Charlie was undercover to investigate Shadaloo and its connection to the military, whereas Guile was sent to put a stop to him without knowing it. After realizing this, Guile teams up with Charlie and Chun-Li in order to destroy Bison's Psycho Drive while Bison's was regenerated after Ryu destroyed his body in the process. Guile escapes, while Charlie stays behind to hold off Bison and sacrifices his own life in order to destroy M. Bison permanently. In the Marvel VS series, Charlie's alter-ego is known as Shadow Charlie.

Street Fighter Alpha

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Page Updated:  Oct. 30th, 2023

I'm one of the old school kids who thought Charlie was cool back in '95-'96 when he debuted. Charlie was such a cool introduction to Street Fighter Alpha... taking the place of Guile - and performing many of Guile's iconic attacks with a certain "finesse" that SF2 Guile never had. It's as if Capcom was saying: "Yeah, this is how we do animation now. Welcome to the epic new era of Street Fighter."

Charlie had huge shoes to fill when he took Guile's place, but he did so with a cool appearance and, persona, and fighting style. Charlie's spectacular and slightly ridiculous hairstyle defines him. The fact that he fights so similarly to Guile also instantly made him intriguing and interesting for returning fans (both in terms of moveset and in series lore). Yeah, Nash taught Guile everything he knows. Charlie also has countless cool mannerisms & taunts... his "salute" is my personal fave. "Too Easy..." After 20+ years of absence, Nash finally made his next-gen appearance in SFV. I had my reserves about the "Franken-Charlie" design... those head staples are humorously large and "too Darkstalkers". However, his SFV redesign has its cool moments. Although I hate his new teleport move (thanks to Bison)... the fact that players must use it sparingly makes it work. Plus, it looks cool. "Som... Som... Somasoooolt!"

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