Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

Fighting EX Layer Announcement Near EVO '18, Arcade Mode & Other Updates Could Be Coming Soon


Similarly to SFV back in 2016, Arika's Fighting EX Layer has launched in a pretty "bare bones" state. While that doesn't stop the game from being fun (since online is pretty smooth when it works), early adopters are definitely hoping for the addition of features like Arcade Mode, Vs. CPU mode, and an automatic return to Training Mode after an online match. (I also think the game should be able to memorize your characters' last used Gougi and other settings). Thankfully, it looks like updates will be rolling out soon. Arika's Mihara-san recently said on Twitter that he'd like to announce something "around EVO 2018". 

Arika has also shared some details about the game's first patch - which should be arriving soon. Mainly, it addresses an online disconnect glitch on a certain stage along with several bug fixes concerning specific character attacks.

The official Twitter for Fighting EX Layer is keeping fans updated and asking for feedback to improve the game. Keep up to date and let Arika know what you want!

Stay tuned on FightersGeneration.com for continued coverage of Fighting EX Layer. Expect a full TFG review later this year.

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