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TEKKEN Vs. Street Fighter Still on Hiatus, Not Canceled


In the latest episode of Harada's Bar, TEKKEN series producer Katsuhiro Harada was asked about the development of the mysterious "shelved" project that was originally announced back in 2010, TEKKEN Vs. Street Fighter. Harada stated that the project "died" at about 30% complete, but the meaning of his statement was incorrectly translated (which happens often) and quickly misinterpreted. After multiple gaming news outlets jumped the gun on social media today, claiming the cancellation of TEKKEN Vs. Street Fighter had been "confirmed" solely based on the word "died" being used... Harada later cleared up the context and mistranslation on Twitlonger, confirming the state of the project has not changed and is still "shelved" or "on hold".

Today, Harada went on to say, "We are still hopeful that TEKKEN Vs. Street Fighter will resume development when the opportunity arises. However, such a title cannot be moved just for the convenience of one company in terms of marketing and branding, and it also affects each other's development resources. For now, we are just waiting for the right opportunity."

Namco's TEKKEN X Street Fighter concept art of Ryu & Chun-Li from 2010.

Akuma generated a ton of hype when he arrived in TEKKEN 7 in 2017, but many fans are still hopeful to see a full spin-off fighting game. With TEKKEN 7 breaking records in eSports and now selling over 7 million copies worldwide since launch (becoming one of the most successful installments of the series to date), the Street Fighter crossover, along with additional guest characters via DLC, has proven to be a smart decision and direction for the series.


On Twitter last month, TFG held a poll on what "the next TEKKEN game" should be. It's pretty obvious that many in the FGC still want to see TEKKEN Vs. Street Fighter come to fruition. As someone who grew up playing Street Fighter at arcades and still plays TEKKEN competitively, I for one (still) want to see it happen.

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