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Phase 4
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Phase 4 is a clone of Kasumi and a product of Victor Donovan's Project Alpha. She is a prototype of the final model, ordered to fight as a test before mass production. In the prologue of the story mode at the ruined battlefield, Phase 4 attacked Bayman and his soldiers at blinding speed. However, she hesitated to kill them, leaving Bayman alive with two vicious scars on his torso and face.
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Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate

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Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, Dead or Alive 6


Page Updated:  Jan. 14th, 2019

So just  because she's in a hood she's a new character? I hate designs like this. Yet another clone of Kasumi.... just what DOA needed. I was almost interested for a few seconds, but sorry if "Kasumi in a black cloak" doesn't stimulate my imagination. Sooo... is she supposed to be "Muslim-Kasumi"? Or perhaps "censored" Kasumi? ^o^ Whatever... can't blame me for trying to make this character review interesting.

After giving Phase 4 a spin in Training mode... I found a Kasumi moveset with teleporting abilities. *Yawn* Seriously unexciting. I only noticed a small handful of unique moves, but certainly a TON of copy-paste Kasumi animations. See, in the TEKKEN series... Devil Jin and Jin Kazama are completely different characters with unique movesets and completely different animations. Both characters are dynamic in their own ways, and serve a unique a purpose in the series... whereas Phase 4 is mostly a quick "copy/paste" just like the other Kasumi clones. Not to mention she debuted as a paid DLC character which made her even more awesome. For the most part, only hardcore Kasumi players will find Phase 4 remotely interesting... all 3 of them.

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