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Captain Sawada originally appeared in the 1994 live-action Street Fighter movie, and also appeared as a playable character in the Street Fighter: The Movie game. Sawada's voice is the only one dubbed in the film, as Sawada himself speaks very little English. At the time, Capcom heavily promoted actor Kenya Sawada in any means possible, giving the staff behind the film and game the impression that he was to be the "face" of Capcom, their own action hero to star in later material.

He is characterized as Colonel Guile's right-hand-man and the leader of the AN commando force. He is a hand-to-hand combat specialist who is proficient in all kinds of martial arts. Sawada's actual role in the film is very minor. He's shown only a few times actually speaking and fighting in the film, and has command of a small amount of ground troops in the assault on Bison's base. Yet at the end, he's shown amongst the main characters as they take a pose at the very end of the film.
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Street Fighter: The Movie

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Page Updated:  Mar. 2nd, 2017

Where do I start on Captain Sawada... I don't even know. He's a real life dude, and one of the most notoriously bad (yet so bad that he's good) Street Fighter characters of all time. While he looks nothing more than a hybrid of Guile and Ryu at first glance, there's just something cool about him. I mean, he's Captain Sawada. Look at him... he's kinda badass. XD He was the only character in the original Street Fighter movie who was dubbed, and he's really one of the only reasons to watch the live action movie. 

I dunno what else to say really.... His fighting style? Lulz, it's pretty ridiculous from what I remember... I guess it's pretty cool he has a flash kick like Guile, though. lol. And does he seriously have a move where he commits hara-kiri? Seriously? I don't even want to begin to try to understand how that works.... Hmm, I wonder if Captain Sawada will ever make a comeback (just kidding)... Street Fighter 5 perhaps? :) [UPDATE] Yeah, Capcom went and made SFV concept artwork for Sawada. Now how epic would it actually be if an updated Sawada appeared in SFV. I'll tell you. EPIIIIIIIIIC. #SawadaForSFV

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