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Oliems' master entered the Tobal No. 1 Tournament. However, his opponent was a Kittaiku-seijin (Epon's father) who beat him, showering him insults like "Chicken Bastard". Not only was the name of the famous military champion humiliated, but rumors of the Kientakku-seijin's weakness began to spread.  In order to restore Kientakku-seijin pride and honor, Oliems joins the Tournament aiming for the championship. (Note: Kientakku-seijin approximates to Kentuckian in English, a little bit of Toriyama humor).
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Tobal No. 1


Tobal 2


Page Updated:  March 13th, 2014

Oliems might be one of the main reasons I never got into the Tobal series. First of all, what the hell kind of name is Oliems? And seriously... a blue, chicken-man? A human could've only come up with this design while taking some seriously mind-altering drugs... which makes me question Akira Toriyama's work on the Dragonball Z series. lol.  

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