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Janet is originally from Virtua Cop 2. She appears as  a secret unlockable character in Fighters Megamix. In Fighters Megamix, she has the same fighting style as Aoi Umenokouji (from Virtua Fighter 3). Her stage, Virtua City, is based upon the first stage from the original Virtua Cop.


Fighters Megamix




Page Updated:  May 6th, 2019

I was always pretty decent at those Virtua Cop games... Haha. Funny thing is, I never remembered this chick in the series, though the outfit is familiar. It kinda sucks she stole all of Aoi's moves, but at least Sega was trying to be clever by including a Virtua Cop character in their fighting game... but yeah, they should've given her a unique fighting style. :(

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