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Deku was the only original character created for Fighters Megamix. Deku is a comical Mexican green bean in a hat. When his hat is knocked off, a bird is under it, perched on his head. If you win a match with it knocked off, the bird squawks during Deku's win pose. For his alternate costume, the Sega Saturn logo is on his head instead, which makes a strange vibrating noise if Deku wins a bout with his hat knocked off. (the sound is actually taken from Sonic the Fighters; the noise is heard after the end credits as Eggman is seen hovering in his ship, Metal Sonic by his side-it's SE No.30 on the game's sound test in Sonic Gems Collection)
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Fighters Megamix




Page Updated:  March 20th, 2014

Deku might be the biggest WTF character of fighting game history... and borderline racist? I don't think Sega meant any harm, but still. I wonder if Deku has any relation to Amingo.... Green bean + sombrero... Cactus + sombrero... same thing? Hmm, prolly not... but still. Anyway, this character was a pretty stupid one, yet strangely funny (for a little while).

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