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Raizo Imawano
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Raizo Imawano is the principal of Justice High and Batsu's father. Raizo was working under the orders of Hyo, his nephew who brainwashed him as well as most of the student body. At the end of Rival School's storyline, Raizo atones for his actions and returns to his family. In Project Justice, Raizo is not playable but he makes a few appearances in the game's storyline. Kurow's attack on Raizo is the cause of the events in the storyline.
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Rival Schools

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Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS

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Page Updated:  Oct. 2nd, 2014

I find it odd that Raizo is the only Rival Schools character that didn't make it to the sequel, Project Justice. I wonder why, but he's definitely a cool character design, and his original in-game appearance in Rival Schools was kinda "blocky," so I was hoping they'd bring him back and clean up those polygons... ahh well. :/

Even though Raizo looked like a jumbled up pile of polygons, but that was contiguous with fighting games back when Rival Schools came out, so its something about his design that I overlook. As a design in 2D form, Raizo looks awesome... I always liked his trademark "Capcom style" big-guy proportions. So what's up with his "Mech-Raizo" form? Hehe, pretty interesting and random... I think the artists were just having fun. lol.

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