Mikoto is the sole daughter of the great warriors, Asra and Shiki. Both Asra and Shiki were servants to Yuga, the great evil force that tormented the world 20 years ago, and even Shiki was one of the daughters of Yuga. Both of her parents died bravely in order to save the world from Yuga's menace. Before her mother died, Shiki gave Mikoto up to adoption a Buddhist temple, and left. 

was left in charge of her, as well as her "grandfather", who lived in the temple. Since then, Mikoto has considered Haohmaru like an uncle to her. However, her cursed blood was not to be denied, but since Mikoto lived amidst a peaceful climate, there was nothing to worry. That was, until the point a man named Tohma arrived at the temple one day to hide from his persecutors. Mikoto found this man mysterious, and full of enigmas. However, she couldn't stop feeling attraction for this man who lived passionately for what he craved for. She also felt incredible sadness in his heart, and couldn't bear to see him suffer. 

So, Mikoto decided to leave the temple and accompany Tohma to Riten Kyo, where he soon established conditions of leadership, along with the enigmatic old man, Oboro. They formed the "Razor Trio", and although she is not completely evil, Mikoto can't ignore the call for bloodshed, as if something deep within her blood was summoning her.

Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage


Card Fighters Clash 2


Page Updated: Jan. 8th, 2014

She's got a convincingly cool appearance and fighting style for a "new generation" Samurai Shodown character. I like her traditional yet stylish outfit, a badass weapon (whatever you call that thing), and a cold & calm personality (seemingly similar to Ukyo's). In some ways, though, she seems slightly boring when compared to classics from the series.

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