Yuga is the villain of Samurai Tamashii (SS64) and Samurai Tamashii: Asura Zanmaden (SS64: Warriors Rage). She can't maintain her body outside of Makai so she created a temporary body to use in the human world. This is why she has the physical figure of a male. Twenty years ago, she took out babies from a mothers stomach and cast a certain spell on them. After a few day, she would return the baby and the mother would give birth to the child as if nothing happened. The child would show incredible intelligence or incredible athletic ability. These children were called "Shindou" (the child of god) or "Kidou" (the child of a demon). 

Twenty years later, these children would grow to become incredible adults. Yuga would then appear before these adults and would cast a spell on them. Using these people,  she was able to construct a body for herself in the human world. Her plan was to merge Makai and the human world together so that evil could reign. But to do this, she needed the Hanyo no Otoko, Han-in no Onna and a pure infant child. He was able to obtain the Han-in no Onna, Shiki. And he stole the unborn child from Kei's stomach to use for the pure infant child. He tried to use Shiki to capture Haohmaru.

  But her physical body was instead defeated by Haohmaru, Nakoruru and Rimururu. A year later, she plotted once again to merge the world of Makai and the human world. This time, she was able to capture both Haohmaru and Shiki. She put them under her spell and created Hanmen no Asura as well. Everything seemed perfect til the very end. Hanmen no Asura betrayed Yuga and sided with the other Asura. She was finally defeated by the two Asura's. Twenty years later, she tried to take over Mikoto but was stopped by Yuda (the two Asura's merged into one and became him) and Shiki's spirits. Yuga also created Gandara and Deku/Dekuina.
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Yuga is a "she" but uses the body of a man? I've seen some weird fighting game character designs in my day... but wow. Just wow. Even though incredibly weird & creepy, Yuga is a unique-looking design for sure... and yeah, there's a coolness about the design as well, even though I don't full understand the inspiration behind it. As far as fitting into the Samurai Shodown series... I suppose Yuga is sort of like a successor to Amakusa.

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