Karman Cole


Karman Cole is a long-time employee of Robert Garcia's parents in a personal assistant-like role (however, he is German, unlike the Garcia family) who has known Robert since he was a child. The Garcias have sent Karman to find their son after he disappeared to look for his old childhood friend Freia Lawrence which has led him to GlassHill Valley. Karmen is a loyal employee who seems very fond of Robert Garcia and lets him get away with much more than he should. Karman also makes a cameo can in one the backgrounds of Capcom VS SNK 2 talking to Billy Kane.

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Art of Fighting 3

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Page Updated: Sept. 4th, 2013

Karman Cole doesn't have much going on visually as a design. He's just a dude who uses a ton of hair gel and sports a simple business suit. His fighting style isn't anything extraordinary either, but his appearance in AOF3 isn't a complete failure. At least most of his moves are well-animated... hey, it counts for something. :) Still, it's difficult not to find this guy boring. 

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