Wolf Girl Jo
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As an infant, Jo survived an airplane crash in the Amazon while sustaining only minor injuries to her head. Raised by wolves, she gained physical strength that exceeds and surpasses normal human capabilities by as much as 3 times. Following the death of her "wolf" mother, Jo became known as the "Man-eating wolf girl", and is eventually captured and imprisoned. There, she exhibited uncontrollable hostility towards her supervising officers. Having heard about this girl through various rumors, Red Scorpion scouts her and gives her the name, Jo. She is given direct orders by Red Scorpion to seek the EHRGEIZ without knowing or understanding the reason why.

Ehrgeiz: God Bless The Ring




Page Updated: Dec. 3rd, 2012

She's a semi cool looking design in some ways, but overall she seems more of a filler character than anything else. She fits the "cute girl" fighting game stereotype and even shares a likeness to Cammy. A few of her moves & throws are decent... but the fact that she can turn into a wolf-thing seems randomly thrown in, and not really fleshed out enough to be an effective part of her design.

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