Seto was said to be the father of Red XIII from the classic RPG Final Fantasy 7, but it is unknown if Django and Seto are in fact the same character. In Final Fantasy 7, Seto was turned to stone by creatures, and Red XIII believed that he fled and left his mother to die when Cosmo Canyon was under attack. But Seto ran to a spot that was unprotected, and helped save Cosmo Canyon.

Some of Django's moves are actually named as follows: Django Step, Seto Low Punc", Seto Punch, Seto Combo, Titan Head, Hades Bite, Nanaki Kick, Nanaki Combo, Tail Leviathan, Chocobo Kick, Bahamut Kick, Ifreet Bite, Shiva Attack, Straight Fang, Tupon Flash, Fang Brand, Phoenix Roll, Biting Bahamut Zero, Mega Flare, Giga Flare, Knight Round Rollin". Even though Seto is mentioned, it still doesn't confirm that Django is Seto.

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Django definitely retains the "spirit" of Red XIII of Final Fantasy VII, whom was an awesome design.

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