At a younger age, she was an orphan and traveled the streets with Oni. Oni was a fighter, and during a street fight, he was badly beaten. Cassandra seeked Elias's help, a preacher. Elias took Oni and Cass into his own care. He noticed that Cass had suffered from autism, and he helped her control her energy, in order to battle it.

Rage of the Dragons




Page Updated: August 7th, 2013

Visually, she's a pretty hot design. That skimpy outfit is borderline pornographic, but it's "original" at least. To me, Cass looks like she's from weird anime or something. She certainly doesn't look like a "fighting game" type of character. If she was a bit "darker" of a design or had greater powers than she does, I think she'd be more interesting. There's no "clear" reason why she has such a weird clothing style... lol.

As a default ROTD character, though, she doesn't seem to fit in. Most of her animations and moves are also pretty plain and uninspiring IMO. Ohh yeah... and when I think "Double Dragon"... a chick that looks like this doesn't come to mind. 

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