Akari Ichijo
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The Ichijo family works in the security business, although they mostly just observe. Even though she is only 13, Akari can summon spirits just as well as anyone else, and she has an attitude to go with it. One day Akari's father sent her off to observe the Gates of Hell and report to him about it. However Akari, determined to give her job 200%, goes not only to find out what is going on but to put everything to right again while she's at it.
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Last Blade

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Last Blade 2, Last Blade 2: Pocket, Card Fighters Clash, Match of the Millennium, SNK Gals Fighters, Neo Geo Battle ColiseumCard Fighters Clash DS


Page Updated:  Aug. 12th, 2016

To sum up Akari, she's an evil little girl that can summon some creepy ass Japanese monsters.... Ehh, I guess that's cool and all, but I find her appearance, personality, and fighting style on the "slightly boring" side of things. I feel like I've seen her design before a few times in random anime. I can see where she fits into the Last Blade series, but she's outshined by many of the other characters, in my opinion.

And I have no opinion on Akari's Oreo-cookie-monster-friend-thing... it's mildly disturbing. Keep that creepy-ass thing away from me. (Well, I guess I do have an opinion on it after all.)

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