Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023 

Official "Outfit 3" Concept Illustrations for All Year 1 Street Fighter 6 Characters


After releasing the "Outfit 3" Showcase trailer yesterday, Capcom shared brand new concept illustrations for all Year 1 Street Fighter 6 characters all of whom are showing off their stylish new drip. Each new artwork shows the front and back of every outfit in addition to accessories and other visual inspirations. Without further ado, have a leisurely scroll down and enjoy checking out all of the new high-quality SF6 concept illustrations of each character's Outfit 3 costume ahead of their in-game arrival on December 1st, 2023.

As we always do on TFG, these images will be updated with higher quality high-res versions whenever possible. Akuma's Street Fighter 6 reveal trailer is right around the corner... so stay tuned for more SF6 news and content coming soon. Keep it here on Fighters Generation for more Street Fighter 6 news.

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