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Harada: "It's Safe to Expect More to Come for TEKKEN 7", "TEKKEN Vs. Street Fighter Still on Hold" recently sat down with TEKKEN series producer Katsuhiro Harada for a interview of sorts. The release of Noctis marked the end of TEKKEN 7's announced post-launch DLC content... and fans have been wondering if there will be more. In the interview, Harada said "TEKKEN 7 sales have met expectations, I believe we have enough good will to ask for further investment. So, yes, I think it is safe to expect more to come!" 

The ever-mysterious subject of in-development title "Tekken X Street Fighter" also came up. (Yes, it's still happening.)

"(Tekken x Street Fighter is) still on hold part-way through development," said Harada. "Even now, one can get quite excited when seeing some of the schedules and some of the character models that were already created."

As we've noted many times... Bandai Namco experimented with many different aspects in TEKKEN 7, many elements never before seen in a TEKKEN game. In that sense, TEKKEN 7 is very much a "test run" for what's to come in TEKKEN Vs. Street Fighter (or whatever the crossover turns out to be. Personally, I think it needs to be TEKKEN Vs. Street Fighter Vs. SNK). With TEKKEN 7, Bandai Namco literally proved they can take any character, from any fighting game, and turn them into a brilliant (and deep) TEKKEN character.

It makes perfect sense for Bandai Namco not to rush TEKKEN Vs Street Fighter, especially with TEKKEN 7 still going very strong in the competitive scene.

Many other questions are asked in the full interview over at

[UPDATE] On Sunday, May 27th, Michael Murray and Harada took the stage at Combo Breaker 2018 after the TEKKEN 7 Grand Finals (which were lit by the way - Jin Kazama Vs. Eddy was one hell of a match-up). On stage, Harada reaffirmed that there is still more content planned for TEKKEN 7, "Obviously, we still have some things we're hiding from you guys, so please look forward to news in the future," said Harada.

In case you missed the news from earlier this week, a FREE update for TEKKEN 7 is coming to consoles and PC on May 31st, 2018. If the frequency of past updates (and free slots on the character select screen) are any indication, this won't be the last update for T7.

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