Thursday, February 28th, 2019

TEKKEN 7 Ver 2.20 Now Available Worldwide, Adds Julia, Negan, 4 New Stages & Other Enhancements


Bandai Namco has released the Version 2.20 update for TEKKEN 7, which includes playable characters Julia Chang & Negan, 4 new stages, new customization items, and gallery illustrations. New Stages include: Jungle Outpost 2, Twilight Conflict 2, Infinite Azure 2, and Last Day on Earth. In addition, the new "Simple Select" feature has been added, which allows you to quickly change your character in VS Battles & Practice Mode. Several character balance changes were also implemented (patch notes coming soon). Finally, during Warm-Up Standby in Online Mode, an ON / OFF function for Rage and Counter Hit was added.

New character panels for Armor King & Craig Marduk (illustrated by artists: Junny, Jbstyle, Hiroaki Kawagoe, Mayumi Kimura, Tadashi Sato & Ami Kawamoto) were also added. Below are some of the new character illustrations available in the game.






juliachang-tekken7-classic-costume.png (2779678 bytes)      juliachang-tekken7-screenshot8.jpg (2986403 bytes)      juliachang-tekken7-screenshot10.jpg (3243586 bytes)      negan-tekken7-screenshot.jpg (315847 bytes)
juliachang-tekken7-screenshot.jpg (2816112 bytes)      juliachang-tekken7-screenshot3.jpg (4184763 bytes)      juliachang-tekken7-screenshot4.jpg (3535030 bytes)      juliachang-tekken7-screenshot5.jpg (4397156 bytes)
juliachang-tekken7-screenshot6.jpg (3814388 bytes)      juliachang-tekken7-screenshot9.jpg (3157288 bytes)      juliachang-tekken7-screenshot11.jpg (3727986 bytes)      juliachang-tekken7-screenshot14.jpg (3124192 bytes)      negan-tekken7-screenshot3.jpg (223715 bytes)
negan-tekken-screenshot.jpg (2353681 bytes)
      negan-tekken-screenshot2.jpg (2817261 bytes)      negan-tekken-screenshot3.jpg (3410210 bytes)      negan-tekken-screenshot4.jpg (2493054 bytes)      negan-tekken-bowling-screenshot.jpg (280616 bytes)




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Sources:  Katsuhiro HaradaBandai Namco US
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