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TEKKEN 7: Fated Retribution "Kiwami" Campaign Adds Customizations for Every Fighter, 70 New Screens!


TEKKEN-Net revealed an update for TEKKEN 7: Fated Retribution titled the "Kiwami" Campaign (which means 'Ultimate'). This update adds brand new alternate (2-piece) outfits for 31 fighters in the game, "Arranged" default costumes featuring alternate color & texture patterns, plus other random customization items. Check out 70 screenshots showing off the new content, below! The names of each of the customization items are also listed (but be aware it's a loose translation).

Just like other clothing items in TEKKEN 7, these costumes are fully customizable in Color Edit Mode (the most elaborate iteration yet in the series). Also note that most of these costumes are "2-piece" customizations, meaning players can use the tops or bottoms of these costumes separately for use with other clothing items.

Jin - "Dirty Skull Shirt" & "Dirty Denim Pants"

MASTER RAVEN - "Business Top" & "Business Pants"

- "Strange Shark Head" & "Strange Shark Pants"

JACK-7 - "Golem Head/Body/Legs" (3 parts!)

- "Burning Wear" & "Burning Pants"

LAW - "Hard Boiled Trench" & "Hard Boiled Pants"

FENG - "Outsider Shirt" & "Outsider Jeans"

SHAHEEN - "Dandy Suit" & "Dandy Pants"

BRYAN - "Prisoner Wear" & "Prisoner Pants"

ASUKA - "Sporty Top" & "Sporty Short Pants"

HEIHACHI - "Savage Tattoo Top" & "Savage Denim Pants"

KAZUYA - "Outlaw Down Jacket" & "Outlaw Pants"

HWOARANG - "Skull Jersey Wear" & "Skull Jersey Pants"

Josie - "Summer Body Wear" & "Summer Hot Pants"

LUCKY CHLOE - "Rhythmic Top" & "Rhythmic Skirt"

KAZUMI - "Oriental Top" & "Oriental Slit Skirt"

KING - "Western Vest" & "Heroic Tights"

DRAGUNOV - "Waiter's Jacket" & "Waiter's Apron"

LARS - "Relaxs Casual  Vest" & "Relaxs Casual Jeans"

GIGAS - "Warrior Body" & "Warrior Legs"

LEO - "Assault Battle Suit" & "Assault Battle Pants"

XIAOYU - "Animal Striped Top" & "Short Animal Pants"

KATARINA - "Natural Celeb Top" & "Natural Celeb Pants"

- "Carmen Top" & "Carmen Skirt"

Steve - "Union Jacket" & "Union Pants"

DEVIL JIN - "Evil Shirt" & "Evil Jeans"

CLAUDIO - "Gentle Formal Suit" & "Gentle Formal Pants"

BOB - "Comical Fight"

LILI - "Bikini Top" & "Bikini Skirt"

ALISA - "Dressy Hair Corsage" & "Winter Dress"

AKUMA - (Name of costume not available)

Next up are new "Arrange" versions for characters' default TEKKEN 7: Fated Retribution costumes. These feature alternate textures and color patterns over the originals. To our knowledge, these are also fully customizable in Color Edit mode.

Next up, some new face paints and comical headwear. New Rage effects and player card designs were also added to the game. FUN FACT: When Claudio is customized to use "red" Rage Effects, his super move color changes from blue to red.

Here are some renderings of even more new customizations from TEKKEN-Net... Lucky Chloe's new witch hat (pictured below) was already used by a Japanese (or Korean) player to make an awesome Guilty Gear I-No customization!

These animal hats and the Santa hat (below) are "universal" customization items and can be used on any character. (Also rest assured that this Kangaroo hat doesn't mean Roger or Roger Jr. or Mrs. Roger are dead. Heihachi was seen wearing a "bear hat" many months ago in TEKKEN 7 and Kuma is obviously still alive.)

Last but not least, some additional renderings of some of the new costumes pictured above... showing that you can use "parts" of these costumes by themselves or with other clothing items.

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Sources:  TEKKEN-NET (Tekken Official)AvoidingthePuddle
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